Rail Jam Pix

No doubt, most riders know that a rail jam is not something that can be done on two hours notice. Working in the existing terrain park, Rob and his crew of staff and volunteers started preparing for the rail jam first thing in the morning. Under Rob’s direction from the passenger seat, one of our groomers worked his magic around 9AM preparing the surface in the terrain park & creating the piles of snow needed for the features Rob had planned.
The efforts throughout the day continued as a number of people could be seen moving existing features and installing new ones’.


Mother nature helping the crew prepare for the evening’s rail jam event

With a fresh contribution of snow, the rail jam took place from 6pm-8pm with rep’s from FatTrax, among other spectators, on hand for the event.

1-18 rail jam event

1-18 rail jam event

Heading back up for another run

Heading back up for another run

Final approach

Final approach

1-18 rail jam spectators

1-18 rail jam spectators

Thank you to all those who came out and participated in the rail jam. Thanks to the folks from FatTrax for their continued support & contributions. Special thanks to our terrain park supervisor, Rob; and all those who helped set-up for the event throughout the day.

Saturday Night Recap

Thanks to every one that came out and enjoyed the fresh dumping of snow we received yesterday. Also thanks to all the kids that came out for the rail jam last night. It was a good time had by all. Sorry no actual shots from the jam, but here are some shots from this morning of the setup from last night.

IMG_2046 The setupIMG_2050 A look from the bottomIMG_2049 EZD lab tribute lineIMG_2051 Corrugated S-J lineIMG_2054 The S up closeIMG_2056 View from the topIMG_2060 Left side viewIMG_2061 Right side viewIMG_2062 Corrugated camel humps with cannonIMG_2067 Side view of the camel humps

Thanks to Fat Trax for coming out and bringing prizes and giveaways. Thanks also goes out to the kids that helped dig and set up the features. And thanks to blandford for supplying hot dogs and soda for all the participants.

IMG_2057Just a shot of the down rail in the park

under the lights

Last night was our first night under the lights this year. The snow was good and the park was fun.  Here are a few pics from last night of some of the new features we have up.IMG_2021  The park all lit up and looking goodIMG_2023 Large round tube on a pyramid IMG_2026 corrugated step upIMG_2030 The step up with the quarter pipe in the Background

We’ve got snow!

The thermometer i saw today said 7 deg.  We’ll just say it was cold but that didn’t stop everyone from coming out and enjoying the fresh pow and some new features on chrysler.  Now that we have some snow and the weather is looking good for making snow it will be no time till we have the park loaded to the brim with features.  Keep checking in for more photos and updates from the park.

DCIM100GOPRO ariel view of chrysler

 DCIM100GOPROsome of the brave souls that came out in the cold

These photos are a little belated, but here are some shots of everyone enjoying the park and mild weather we had last saturday Dec 28th.

IMG_1933 the run

IMG_2016 everyone enjoying the park

IMG_1968 some one footed madnessIMG_2013 better call your drop

IMG_1938 representing for the skiers and keeping it   clean and proper

IMG_1974 the tube troll was impressed with this one