Feb 22nd Rail Jam Photos

Hope you came up to the mountain last weekend.  The weather was awesome and the jam was a lot of fun.  Here are a few shots from saturday.

IMG_2182Randy!IMG_2179Dan getting the SchottIMG_2202This isn’t a bail. I don’t know what this trick is called but it one of my favorite ski tricks.

IMG_2192 i saw some good tricks from this guyIMG_2190right between the bindingsIMG_2231first place of the ollie contest at 36″IMG_2217a close second at 34″IMG_2248Now it’s limbo time!IMG_2259IMG_2252IMG_2250randy didn’t realize it was limbo time IMG_2269 not the shot, but tomaz did go the lowestIMG_2287 IMG_2284 IMG_2278 one footed techniqueIMG_2277 I thought this guy was going to take itIMG_2271 how low can you go?

Thanks to everyone that came out and had a good time.  Thanks to fat trax for coming up and bringing the prizes and give aways and thanks to blandford for the hot dogs!  Make sure to keep checking the park page for more updates and post.

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