Blandford Ski Team offers programs for youth who are interested in exploring Alpine Ski Racing. Our Interclub program introduced Racers ages 14 and under to Alpine Ski Racing while our Tri-State program helps racers 8 and older to compete at a more competitive level.

For information or questions please email Competition Director Bill Scherpa

Team Application



The Interclub Race Program introduces young skiers (14 and under) who are ready to start developing skills in all aspects of Alpine Ski Racing.

Coaches will focus on developing good fundamental skiing skills while introducing the tactics of ski racing. Most interclub races will continue on to our more competitive Tri-State Racing Program.

While in the Interclub program these athletes will compete against other Interclub athletes and teams throughout the Berkshires.
These races offer a chance to experience their newly developed skills in a fun and competitive race environment.

All Interclub racers are required to have:
-Blandford ski membership or ticket
-Completed and submitted a Blandford Ski Team Application
-USSA Membership:
Interclub Racers need:   General Membership + Tri-State Membership

Who Should Attend?
Skiers in this program must be able to ski parallel on intermediate terrain and ride on all lifts unsupervised.

Please contact Bill Scherpa if you have any questions. Blandford does have a Development Team for racers who are just starting out in a non competitive environment (ages 5 to 13)

Opening Saturday in December thru first Saturday of March
every Saturday and Sunday

9:00 AM – 12 Noon & 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Fees:  See current Year Application  * Christmas Camp Included


For information or questions please email Competition Director Bill Scherpa

RACE DAY– Racers need to be ready to meet coaches by ski lift at designated mountain to preview course.  They will need to bring their USSA Card and a fee of $25.00 for each race. Recommended arrival time is around 7:30 am as there are typically 200+ racers at each race

Head Interclub Coach: Mike Steves and Ron Cole
Assisting Coaches:  Lida Vanasse

Links:  USSA.ORG     Tri-State      Live Timing    Admin Ski Racing


This program is for young athletes with ambitious goals who wish to compete at higher levels. Skiers will be coached in all aspects of Alpine Ski Racing including skill development and mental preparation. Racers will participate in drills, gate training and focused free skiing in preparation for USSA slalom and giant slalom races.  Racers in this program who qualify for championships are shooting for Junior Olympic level.

Who Should Attend?
Tri-state is open to all skiers regardless of racing experience. They must have good core fundamental skills and be able to ski on expert terrain.

Opening Saturday in December thru first Saturday of March  
Practice:  Wednesday night,* Friday night*, Saturday and Sunday


Friday Night Schedule  5:30 to closing. * January – February
Saturday/Sunday schedule 9:00 AM – 12 Noon & 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

All Tri-State racers compete in USSA sanctioned events and must be a member of USSA as well as Tri-State to compete.

Team Application

Tri-State Team Age Groups
U10 -U12       Ages:8 to 11  ( U10: 8 & 9 and U1210 & 11 )
U16                 Ages: 15 & 16
U19 – U21      Ages: 16 to 20  (U19: 16, 17 & 18  U21: 19 -20)

Head Tri-State Coach: Todd Spooner
U10-U12 Andy Lussier, Brian Freeman
U16  Mike Belanger
U18 -Todd Spooner

Assisting Coaches: Mike Aluxek, Cindy Herman, Chris Isner, Lauren Mills, Liz Mills, Dan St. Laurent, Scot Brzoska

Please remember to enter into your races early.   Check the Tri-State Website by your age class or go to AlpineReg for online registration.
You do not need to send in a race ENTRY FORM if applying online
Should the race events not be found on line then send a check with our Race Entry Form to the Race Secretaries listed
Races and Results can be found listed on either the Tri-State or USSA website below.
Many areas are now using AlpineReg.  You may register quicker if the race is listed.

Links:  USSA.ORG     Tri-State      Live Timing     Alpine Ski Racing

The BSA Ski team does offer a Scholarship to race team members in their senior year of high school.  Applicants must have participated in Tri-State racing for at least 3 years.   Application deadline is May 1st

Blandford Ski Team Scholarship Application