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Blandford Race Team

For ski camp, Interclub and Tri-State teams: 2015 Team Application
For information or questions please email Competition Director Bill Scherpa

Christmas Racing Camp
Once a season, the Springfield Ski Club hosts a 3-day Christmas Racing Camp starting December 29th. The Camp is run by Blandford’s racing coaches/staff and is open to anyone whom wishes to sign-up. You must be between ages 8-18 and those with no previous race experience are encouraged to register.

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Corporate Racing
A 9-week program starting in January on Wednesday nights. It is a club league, racing on NASTAR style courses. Teams consist of at least 4 skiers/riders. Are you the only skier/rider where you work?? THAT’S OKAY! Sign up for corporate racing and you’ll be placed on a team! Open to skiers and snowboarders of all abilities. You must be at least 18 years of age.

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Blandford Ski Team

2015 Coaching Staff:
Competition Director:  Bill Scherpa
Interclub Ski Team Head Coach:  Ron Cole
Tri-State Ski Team Head Coach:  Todd Spooner

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